King Of Dance Floor, Deputy Tony Scherb Slays In Candid Elevator Video

King Of Dance Floor, Deputy Tony Scherb Destroys In Candid Elevator Video


At El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Tony Scherb, celebrated the end of his 29-year service with some hot moves in the elevator. And the best bit? His colleagues are watching. The.Whole.Time.
A camera was recently installed in one of the elevators in the the building in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Dressed in the flashiest orange shirt you will ever lay eyes upon, the deputy let himself loose as he entered that particular elevator.

It’s disco time…

tony 1He starts dancing as we see his lips sing along to the lyrics of rapper Silento’s tune, Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).

The deputy has a reputation of being “highly professional.”
‘Tony earned the reputation from his peers and supervisors as being highly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable,” commented the sheriff’s office in a Facebook post.
This fella right here is indeed your clockwork orange! Sir Deputy really has the moves.

tony 2

They say, twos company…

After a bit of freestyle jiving, a Deputy Reed enters the elevator. They greet each other with that police officer to police officer power nod and she takes her place in the opposite corner.
You might expect that a police officer taken by surprise would tuck his tail between his legs and draw back into his corner.
But, not this deputy, no missy!
He has just retired and is adamant to whip his hair back and forth! And on top of that, he is challenging Deputy Reed to a dance off on their two square feet dance floor!
Being the boss lady that she is, Deputy Reed accepts the challenge!

tony 3

Challenge Accepted

By the end of the video, the private party caught momentum and everyone’s feet is bitten by the boogie bug!

tony 4

It’s apparent that this was a private joke made by the officers and Deputy Scherb himself, however, that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. In fact, once the video was shared on the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Facebook profile, people liked it so much that it went viral.

And the response?

First, we have Alex Klaus who wrote:” Omg love it!!!! Thank you to everyone for their service and hard work! P.S. why hasn’t Ellen DeGeneres seen this yet!?”
Indeed, where’s Ellen?
“I worked at the sheriff’s office for ten years and this is the most amazing thing I have seen. I shamefully snorted. Good job my old family,” said Daniel Wood.
‘Tony has been a valued member of the Sheriff’s Office for so many years and a personal friend to many of us. We are going to miss him and we wish him the very best,” the Sheriff’s office wrote.
May your retirement bring you all sorts of crazy joy Deputy Scherb! All the best!

Watch all the best bits here!


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