The Kinship Reunion Of Two Chinese Orphan Sisters

The Kinship Reunion Of Two Chinese Orphan Sisters


A Facebook photograph led to the kinship reunion of two Chinese sisters, long after one of them was adopted by Gene And Lisa Lumpkins.

Lisa Lumpkins, the mother of Aubrey Lumpkins, froze when she saw a photo of a young Chinese girl looking astonishingly similar to her adopted daughter of Chinese decent.


The two sisters were both living in a Chinese orphanage in Shenzhen at the time Aubrey was adopted. In 2013 Aubrey was brought to Kentucky by the American couple. She was 9 at the time of adoption.

Moreover, Aubrey had Cerebral Palsy.


According to Inside Edition, no one had the slightest idea they were sisters back then.

Upon seeing a Facebook photo of the second girl, now named Avery, Lisa Lumpkins’ heart stopped. She knew that they had to be related.
“My jaw dropped, they looked just so, so similar,” Lisa told PEOPLE. “My motherly instincts kicked in, I knew they had to be sisters or maybe even non-identical twins.”


They decided to undergo the adoption process once more to get the sisters under one roof once again. As soon as the papers were all done, the Lumpkins flew Avery to Kentucky.

The parents requested a DNA test so they would be 100% sure the sisters were related. The results were positive.
“They looked so alike, were in the same orphanage together and both had cerebral palsy,” said Lisa.


The thirteen-year-olds are together again. And they are so close that it seems as if they were never separated, to begin with. The only setback they’ve met was the language barrier. Unfortunately, Avery still doesn’t speak English yet.


One unfortunate circumstance could’ve ruined all this.

Last year in August, Avery was about to turn 14. In China, once orphan kids reach 14, they are not able to be adopted by a foreign parent.
It was just a matter of split seconds to arrive on time for Avery’s adoption to take place. Arrive they did. They managed to get there two days before the girl turned 14.
Now they are both together, the older sister brooding over the younger one. They have all of their lives in front of them to catch up for the time they have lost.

Watch this beautiful story of sisters reunited, here.

Source:Inside Edition

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