Kirsty Hume, 90s Fashion Goddess, Sees Worthy Heir In Daughter Violet

Not that long ago, Kirsty Hume ruled the world of fashion, making countless runway appearances, campaigns, ads. But now it seems that she has a worthy successor – her daughter Violet.

Kirsty, now fourty-two, recently did a photoshoot with her thirteen-year-old daughter Violet — and the two are nearly identical!

Kirsty and Violet will appear in the upcoming issue of Vogue magazine (January 2018):


Scottish beauties


Both mother and daughter wore beautiful floral dresses, leaving their long, blonde hair fall freely down their backs.

In one shot, photographer Zoë Ghertner shows Violet, eyes closed, hugging her mother from behind, as Kirsty magically stares into the distance.

Kirsty Hume rose to fame two decades ago, when she was discovered by famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier. From then on, her rise to fame was meteoric, as she was hired by fashion giants like Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and John Galliano.

Many compare Kirsty and Violet to another beauty pair: Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber.


That remains to be seen, but the two look quite happy!


And beautiful:


Kirsty’s career peak was when she started working for Chanel and became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she soon realized that the city life wasn’t for her. Before she quit, she famously stated that “the most exciting thing about modeling was the money.” Looking back at it all in the latest issue of Vogue, Kirsty has no regrets. “I am not an urban creature,” she says.

Now she lives in Topanga Canyon with her daughter, where they take long hikes in the State Park right next to their home.

Kirsty’s golden age of modeling was back in the ’90s:


She walked for Gucci, Anna Sui and others:


Kirsty Hume as a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 1999:


She also made a lot of appearances in commercials.


Kirsty, aged 19, posing for Vogue (1999).


In Topanga, Kirsty had the opportunity to work on her interest in wellness and herbal medicine. This June, she finally graduated from The Gaia School of Healing.

She’s also making her own, DIY, natural body elixirs. The first, meant to energize the body, is called ‘Essence of the Sun’ is a blend of citrine and ginger, while ‘Essence of the Moon’ mixes jasmine, linden, and violet, with the goal of releasing tension. She shared these on Instagram, drawing the attention from other models too, who expressed their support.

London, 1995: A photoshoot for Vogue Editorial with her then-husband Donovan Leitch


It was a cheeky shoot, featuring a lookalike of Queen Elizabeth II


The couple with their one-year-old daughter in 2005. The two separated in 2014.


And 2014 was the year when Kirsty returned to modeling, and the ten-year-old Violet was modeling for Zara. In the interview with Vogue, Kirsty shared her doubts as to her Victoria’s Secret position:

‘I’m not exactly a classic lingerie girl, I didn’t think,’ she said. “I’m quite a quiet person and not really someone who relishes being dressed up and put on a stage… I became a face of Chanel beauty when I was 19 and it feels like another life when I think about it now, but in many ways, it felt like another life even then!”

“Where am I?! What am I doing?! I never really made a decision to leave fashion, but this definitely feels like a conscious return,” she explained.

Kirsty and Violet in Topanga Canyon, 2015.


What says ‘I love nature’ more than skinny dipping in a hot spring with your daughter?


Soon after Violet’s 13th birthday, Kirsty shared this photo of her.


Finally, Kirsty said: “I’m ready to embrace my life, in several different ways, and stepping back into modeling and fashion is a big part of that. I’m back!”

Well, all we can say is welcome back, Kirsty, and good luck!

Source: dailymail