There Is A Kissing Guide From The 1940s And It’s A Gem


This true gem from the ’40s was probably the only way people learned to kiss, apart, you know, the usual way. Imagine this, there was ‘wrong’ and ‘right’, ‘juvenile’ and ‘stand-offish’, and wait for it…’the ungraceful’.

The photo guide in particular, served to educate actors, and it was created by LIFE magazine. It covers the key elements of what is supposed to be spontaneous and romantic and even tells us how to kiss on an armchair!

We do have to agree though, that the best way to learn is by simply doing it, right?

But who knows, maybe you’ll learn something here?


“WRONG: They look too juvenile if they are so stand-offish”


“RIGHT: Boy and girl should stand close together and not hold each other too tightly”


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