Check Out These Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Check Out These Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Check Out These Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you are living in a small apartment in the big city, having a small kitchen is usually something you will have to face. However, this doesn’t always have to be a problem.

Check out these remodeling ideas we found for you and start decorating your kitchen space immediately!

1. Mix blue and white to refresh the atmosphere in your kitchen.


2. Go for a clean white with wooden details. Use the wall as a storage space for your kitchen utilities.


3. Go for a carpet, if you want to add warmth to your kitchen space.


4. If you are one of those people that really appreciates the light in the apartment, you should consider putting your kitchen somewhere near windows.


5. A small but spacious kitchen in an industrial style.

This is everything.


6. Try to avoid adding more than 3 kitchen counters.

If you are an organized person that doesn’t need much kitchen space, this would be a brilliant idea.


7. Black, grey and white with a pinch of coziness.


8. This counter can be the perfect replacement for the usual dining table.


9. Black and white, with dark wooden floors and glass for a sophisticated look.


10. If your apartment is under the rooftop, this tiny, but well-organized kitchen is what you need.


11. This kitchen is perfect for an apartment that is extremely tiny.

Just see how everything is perfectly arranged.


12. And again, if you are a morning person, enjoy your coffee near the windows of this beautiful kitchen.


13. Go for wooden shelves if you need extra space.

It won’t look messy, and it will spare you from spending those extra money for another counter.


14. Faux bricks pattern is what you need if you go for a classy simple black and white kitchen.


15. Details are everything.

Add a flower or a fruit bowl in order to color your white kitchen.


16.  A carpet in a bold color is what you need if you want to break the simplicity of an all-white kitchen.


17. Choose grey if you want to add coziness to your kitchen and are fed up with cleaning all the time.

Keeping a spotless white counter can sometimes be very exhausting.


18. Another version of a brick wall.

This color tone will add warmth to your kitchen. Fresh up the space with beautiful flowers.


19. Choosing your floor tiles is so important!

Check out how these tiles change the atmosphere in the kitchen space.


20. A red retro fridge won’t ever go unnoticed.


21. Here’s an idea of a cute kitchen space decorated with pastel colors.


Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

Source: colorfulplanet

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