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The Way These Knives Carve Through These Amazing Cakes is Somehow Sensual

Amazing Perfect Cake Melting On Knife

Let’s be real here, there’s nothing more satisfying than tucking into a big, luscious slice of cake. I mean, after a long day, or for a special occasion, or maybe when you’re just sad and depressed, you tend to shove some cake in your mouth.

Obviously, a whole entire cake is not always a good idea, as not only will it possibly expand your stomach right in front of you, but it also may or may not cause a certain well-known condition to the blood that affects the nervous system.

To avoid all the bad stuff that comes with eating tons of cake, we often have a slice… or two.

And if you’ve cut cake in the past, you can’t help but feel liberated as the knife carves through it to cut up a slice.

Amazing Cakes 1

If you do find it satisfying when a knife soars through a cake, then this video was made exactly for you. There’s no shame in it! We love it!

The video below is literally five minutes of knives cutting through various interestingly shaped cakes.

Amazing Cakes 2

The video was uploaded by a channel called Kitchen Do Fun. From what I can see, kitchen do cake porn better!

Amazing Cakes 3

It features a lot of our dessert favorites, sitting there pretty, begging to be caressed with a sharp blade. The way, they unfold their hidden treasures leaves your mouth watering.

There’s some beauty and sadness in the destruction, as it’s severe yet delicate. The cake is fulfilling its purpose and paying tribute to John Keats – All beauty must die.

Watch here:

Source:Kitchen Do Fun

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