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Did You Know These 16 Facts About ‘The Big Bang Theory’?


‘The Big Bang Theory’ is one of the best shows on modern television. It’s such a charming group of people with such hilarious and interesting character traits, it grew on people the minute the premiere aired.

And if you love this show, you’ll love these facts about it that you may have not have known until now:

1. Most of the time there’s no lenses in Leonard’s glasses

Source:Via The Take / Leonard

Ocassionally, the specs are completely empty. The actor doesn’t need glasses at all. He needs them to look geeky here though.

2. The actress who plays Amy Farrah Fowler really has a PhD

Source:Via Pulse Headlines / Amy

Mayin Bialik is actually a neurobiologist. She really has a PhD.

3. The ‘Soft Kitty’ song comes from a real-life pre-school

Source:Via Perez Hilton / Soft Kitty

It really does exist, and it’s from producer Bill Prady’s daughter’s pre-school.

4. All the actors learned to play their instruments

Source:Via Playbuzz / Cello

You know when the group members are playing instruments together? Yeah, well that’s all real. Each of them actually learned how to play for the show.

5. Sheldon and Leonard are named after a TV producer

Source:Via Ranker / Sheldon Leonard

The man’s called Sheldon Leonard. He was a famous TV producer, actually.

6. Bill Prady got the idea for Raj’s trouble with women from an old co-worker

Source:Via Big Bang Theory Wiki / Emily

Bill Prady had a colleague who just couldn’t utter a word with a woman. That’s what inspired Raj’s problem.

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