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Did You Know You Can Burn Calories With Yoga?


The world probably consists of two types of people: the ones who swear by yoga, and those who just can’t stay calm in class. No matter which group you belong to, it’s probably not news to you that yoga is your best bet for peace. And let’s not forget the mental and physical benefits.

And the fact that it can also help you lose the flab, and that there are special technieques for weight loss?

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Calories Burned In One Hour Of Yoga:

Jill Lawson, founder of Lawson Yoga, says, “If the method to test caloric expenditure was only based on heart rate, then Bikram and other hot yoga classes might top the charts as the styles of yoga that burn the most calories.”

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However, a higher heart rate doesn’t translate to higher calorie burn. Other factors can increase heart rate without any calorie burn (1).

So now we know that heart rate and calorie burn don’t necessarily depend on each other. But what different types of yoga do burn calories?

Usually, performing yoga can help you burn around 100 to 450 calories in an hour, depending on the style, the pose, and the person.

1. Hatha Yoga:

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A one-hour session of this form of yoga helps you burn 189 calories. It’s the basic yoga postures, so it’s the most popular form of yoga in the west. It does rely on continual movement, but holding a balanced pose is also an important feature of hatha yoga. It is the best option for people who want to explore yoga and perform a relaxing workout (2).

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2. Ashtanga Yoga:

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You can burn 351 calories in an hour. This one is also called power yoha and it combines breathing techniques and a series of postures. It boosts arterial health and relaxes you. You need to follow a rigid order of postures, and helps purify the blood by creating internal heat that incinerates toxins and other waste particles. (3).

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