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Did You Know There Are Secret Rooms On Airplanes?



Fascinating as they are, we’ve kind of come to a point where airplanes are boring to us, right?

You know, you go in, you have to sit too close to someone, it’s tight, people snore, babies cry…

But here’s something to think about the next time you’re on a flight: Did you know planes have secret rooms? For example, a room where flight attendants hang out?

You think they’re stuck in the aisles on long flights because they seem to be around all the time, but the truth is, they have a cabin with beds, located on top of each other like bunk beds. This is the case with a Boeing 747, for instance. The size of the room depends on the size of the plane of course.

The pilot on an Airbus A380 plane also has a rest area. And since the Boeing 777 has more space, the pilots have more space too. They have a sink, toilet, business class seats and two sleeping spaces.

Check out Chris McGinnis’ video below:

Source:Chris McGinnis ; indy100

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