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‘Cakes For A Cause’ MetDaan With Koalipops Series: Alzheimer’s Disease


There are a ton of things wrong with the world, let’s be real. You see someone on the street, and they may seem bubbly and all happy about their life, but they could be hiding some seriously dark and depressing secrets, and one major type of secret they could be hiding is a life-altering disease. We could list a few, but today, we’ll talk about Alzheimer’s disease – a cause very dear to our heart.

Also called dementia and ALS, Alzheimer’s disease can occur in middle and older-aged people and represents a gradual deterioration of the brain and muscles. The patient loses their memory, they forget how to do basic everyday things, and they also gradually lose the ability to speak, ultimately leaving the patient with no option except being confined to a wheelchair.

There’s a serious Alzheimer’s crisis going on in the world right now. Currently, according to alz.org, there are over 5 million Americans living with this disease, and by 2050 (33 years from now) this number may rise to as high as 16 million, and 70 million worldwide by 2030.

Statistics aside, it is something that’s taking a toll on patients, on families and whole lives. To show our wholehearted support for all sufferers of this detrimental disease, to show them that there is hope and make them feel a little bit better about themselves, MetDaan has teamed up with Koalipops for the project known as Cakes for a Cause, a 4 video series tackling a different problem each month in hope to raise awareness and donations through specially decorated cakes.

Alzheimer’s is represented by the color purple, so therefore, as much and as many shades of purple as possible were used to create this cake. And this is not the first time the famous cake master has been sharing his time and talent with us – we also had a project like this to raise awareness for autism.

Overtime, people with dementia tend to forget how to drive to familiar places, they forget how to use basic things like a microwave.

Koalipops Have Kicked Off Their 'Cakes For A Cause' Series With An Alzheimer's Themed Cake 1

The icing on the cake (literally) looks the part too.

Koalipops Have Kicked Off Their 'Cakes For A Cause' Series With An Alzheimer's Themed Cake 2

The bottom of each layer is finished with a few shades of purple-dyed icing, gradually starting from the darkest and going upwards to the brightest. He then follows up with a few pieces of white Hershey’s chocolate, and quite a few dots of icing in different sizes, patterns and colors.


This cake is a lot more than a cake. It’s a cake made to spread awareness for this debilitating disease. As hard as life may be to go through when a family is struck with dementia, one should never give up.  We should always stay strong, bold and as hard as that may seem to do, only then will you have a more positive outlook on your situation.


We created this project to say ‘thank you’ to all the caregivers, to show that we believe in those who have this awful disease and that they should always stay strong no matter how tough the going gets. After all, you can’t say “no” to a cake, can you?


He finishes off the decoration of the cake by adding the remaining two layers, each one similarly decorated with the gradient purple icing on the bottom and the different shades of purple dots across the layers. He then adds some plant decorations and finishes the top layer off with a beautiful purple plastic ribbon decoration.

Amazing, isn’t it? And there’s so much that can be done for this cause, especially by you.

Please take some time to go to alz.org and donate time or money to the organization, and also make sure to drop a line in the comments if you have an Alzheimer’s story to share.

And if you’ve supported the organization and raised awareness for the disease, we would like to extend our deepest thanks.

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