100 Years Of Korean Beauty Trends In Less Than Two Minutes

As time passes by, pretty much everything that lives undergoes the process of revolution. Not only technology and architecture but also the way people look. Fashion has a history of revolution for as long as human existence, and as you might expect, hairstyles and haircuts are not excluded from this process.

Seattle-based production company, has created this mesmerizing time-lapse video featuring the evolution of Korean beauty trends starting from 1910s. It is one of the videos from The 100 years of beauty series, that included also African American and German beauty trends as well.

This video reflects the Korean beauty transformation during 100 years, between 1910s and 2010s. The beautiful model and celebrity hair and makeup artist, Tiffany Lee, is representing these trends changes by modifying the different makeup and hair styles.

It video starts with one of the most diverse Korean trends and hair styles, using jewelry and neutral makeup.

hairstyles 1

The 20s, 30s and 40s hairstyles are pretty similar, with the only difference being the hair length in the 30s as well as the hat.

hairstyles 2

After that the video splits, starting with the 50s, in two screens that reflect the division into North and South Korea.

hairstyles 3

While in South Korea during the 80s and 90s we can notice pretty big difference in hairstyles, the trends were almost the same for the women in North Korea, keeping it simple with natural makeup and hairstyles.

hairstyles 4

Towards the end of the video both hair and makeup styles appear to be more western.

hairstyles 5

Watch the complete video that has more than 17 million views to date.

Source: Time