Kourtney Kardashian Might Be Ready For A Baby With Younes

Sorry Khloe and Kylie, but your older sister Kourtney also thinks about having a baby (with her younger boyfriend)! While we wait for the alleged pregnancies of Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner to be confirmed, we can safely focus on the other sister. Thirty-eight-year-old Kourtney, who has three children with Scott Disick, is already thinking about a new baby. The reality star is dating 24-year-old Algerian Younes Bendjima.

We are wondering what baby-daddy Scott Disick has to say about this…


With her sisters and the Momager thinking about babies all the time, it’s no wonder Kourtney is not immune to similar ideas after she started dating the young and handsome former boxer Younes.


The star has admitted to wanting more children. She is now believed to be ready for this new step in her relationship with Paris-based Bendjima.

“Kourtney is going to wait until her sisters are all done having their babies to get pregnant,” a source told Radar Online, adding that the star wants to have another kid “soon”.


According to the informant, Kourtney and her 24-year-old boyfriend already discussed the topic. Although they are separated by a 14-years age gap, the couple seems pretty excited about the idea.

“She talked about this with Younes and he is definitely down to try for a baby!” the insider spilled. “He knows that if he gets Kourtney pregnant he will be set for life. And he gets to have a kid!”

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“Kourtney used to want to have all of her kids to have the same father and she was adamant about that,” the insider continued. “But sister Kim’s surrogate experience caused her to start to think about it differently and she has become more open to other ideas regarding how to have another kid.”

On a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the eldest sister confessed to talking to Scott about having a fourth child, even though they aren’t together anymore. At that time, she wanted all of her kids to have the same father.

“Yes, I know that he would,” she said when asked if she would ever have another baby with the party-loving Scott who is currently dating Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia.

Kourtney, who broke up with Scott in 2015 after they dated for nine years seems to have changed her mind, saying: “But he has a disrespectful nature these days… I think in that case I’d rather just not.”


Kourtney also explained why she didn’t go all public about her relationship with Younes on the E! reality show:

“I don’t feel like sitting and airing out my business,” she said. “I don’t know what the balance should be with, like, showing and not showing, but you can’t tell at me for how I want to handle it.”


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Source: Celebuzz