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A Year Later Kylie Jenner’s Prom Date Is Opening Up About His Experience


I am sure that you remember the time when Kylie Jenner took a commoner to prom last year. Even if you didn’t know, the whole thing aired on Kylie’s reality show recently and her 2016 prom date is now finally speaking out about his experience with the star.

Meet Albert Ochoa

So, Albert is the lucky student who managed to get Kylie’s attention and had the once in a lifetime experience of taking the famous 20-year-old star to his prom.

Source: Instagram | @albertochoa05

In the TV series “Life of Kylie” she admitted that she couldn’t really attend prom because she was homeschooled.

Source: Instagram | @albertochoa05

Albert’s friends had his back and posted to social media all the posters they made to search for a  date for their friend. Kylie noticed it and immediately reached out to Albert’s mom.

Source: Instagram | @albertochoa05

“After that night, everyone wanted to be my friend. I never expected so much attention in one night.”

Even after the episode aired, Albert says that his viral fame has been “overwhelming” but “it’s exciting to talk to people all over the world.”

Source: Twitter | @carolynlidster

However, Kylie hasn’t talked to him since the dance.

He admits that, “It would be nice to hear from her!”


We really hope that Kylie will reach out to him soon.  

Source: Instagram | @albertochoa05
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