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Kylie Jenner Spent Over $70k On Baby Clothes

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Reality TV star, Kylie Jenner has reportedly already spent $70,000 on clothes for her unborn child. It’s still not official but apparently she is expecting a child with boyfriend Travis Scott and is said to be getting preparing outfits for the baby to wear. The 20-year-old has been searching online in the most high-end designer clothing lines.


A source told TMZ: “This is gonna be the best dressed kid you’ve ever seen.”

The baby is due in February.


A source said: “They started telling friends a few weeks ago. The family has known for quite some time. She is really excited and so is Travis!”


Whilst another insider added: “It is an unexpected but completely amazing turn of events that she could not be more excited or thrilled about. Everyone is overjoyed for her. This is the happiest she’s ever been.”


Kylie always wanted to be a young mother and is actually happy to be expecting her first child.

A source shared: “Kylie is doing well and is happy. Kylie always wanted to be a young mom. She may be young, but she’s very maternal and has lots of practice with babies!”


“She’s a very hands-on aunt and was basically a step-mom to Tyga’s kid. The baby will be very well cared for and so loved. Kylie is excited that her baby will have cousins close to her age too!”



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