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Did Kylie Actually Get Breast Implants?

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Why is the name of Kylie Jenner’s line of clothes called Thick? Well, it’s because Thick refers to her curves, and it also encourages women around the world to embrace their shape no matter how big or small they may be.

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On the 23rd of January, the 19-year-old model posted a photo on her Instagram where she was fully dressed in a pink Puma tracksuit and sports bra.

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She covered her body with a silky light blue pajama shirt.

@puma girl 🖤

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Kylizzle really likes to use the word “thick” Another picture features a model wearing sexy Bikini where one bood has THICK! and the other has 3 exclamation marks. The model also wears a black hat captioned THICK! as well and the picture has over 31k likes.


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A lot of people are wondering; has Young Jenner actually performed a breast augmentation? Because, when you compare the size of her boobs from last year to today, things have changed a lot, especially when you take a look at the photos from their recent Costa Rica vacation.



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Kylie’s online store kyliejennershop.com features not only clothes but thongs, phone cases, hats, socks… Kylizzle seems to know how to push her career as far as possible. You go Kylie!

All Different Types #THICK

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