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So Apparently, Now The Internet Thinks Kylie Jenner Is Dead


For years now, Kylie Jenner has been a “hot topic” for her lip fillers and other suspected surgeries. Thousands of pictures with “before and after” have been released but the star doesn’t seem to care that much about rumors.

However, a bizarre new conspiracy theory claims that Kylie is dead and has been replaced by a clone since she looks completely different from her 12-year-old self. The theory was first put forward by @_wormboy on Twitter who was very serious about it.

Yeah, the Kardashians and Jenners don’t seem to age as rapidly as other people, but there’s plastic surgery and similar corrections for that. They also grow more beautiful than other people, partially due to genetics, and partially because of that same reason in the previous sentence.

But, really internet? A clone?

New conspiracy theory: Kylie Jenner died in 2013 and was replaced with a clone who looks nothing like her

Yeah, we guess it’s a good joke, but it spreads like wildfire, with people sharing it like crazy.



Of course not everyone agrees…

Kylie can be just another star taken in front of us, but also everyone needs to get off from the internet a little. Go out and enjoy some fresh air.


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