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Four-Months-Pregnant Kylie Jenner Allegedly Dumped By Travis Scott


Ever since news hit the world that entrepreneur and model Kylie Jenner is pregnant, we’ve been standing on edge about every new bit of information.


At first, the 20-year-old was stuck in a dispute with who was the real father of the baby, as ex-boyfriend rapper Tyga claimed it was his. Then, “her current” boyfriend (we’ll get back to that) got arrested for cocaine trafficking allegations and put his father in prison.

Now, another fight between Kylie and her 25-year-old rapper boyfriend allegedly lead to them calling it quits for good.

Sources say the 20-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is “devastated” by the surprise breakup and “overwhelmed” by the idea of raising a kid alone.

What happened, then?


If the sources are to be believed and Kylie and Travis Scott broke up, then Kylie, allegedly already four months into her pregnancy, might just have to raise her child on her own.


According to In Touch, the Keeping Up with The Kardashians star was recently dumped by the 25-year-old rapper after discussing the matter of marriage.


“Since discovering she was pregnant, Kylie has been pushing Travis to marry her. But Travis isn’t ready to walk down the aisle yet and said no. He’s upset about her pushiness and stormed off,” a source told the media.

The source also added that Travis “went in to a state of shock” when he was confronted with a wedding and marriage as a whole, saying, “Things were moving way too fast for him.”


According to reports, Kylie is “devastated” by her boyfriend’s reaction. “[She] can’t take the embarrassment of being walked out on while pregnant,” the same source added.

“She feels overwhelmed right now, but Kylie doesn’t want to talk to her family about it because they judge her,” the source continued. “She doesn’t want her family to say ‘I told you so,’ They feel this all went way too fast, and that her relationship with Travis is a mistake.”


According to the source, Travis does indeed love his girlfriend, but “he’s concerned about officially becoming part of the Kardashian clan, and is terrified of being the next victim of the Kardashian curse.”

“Travis feels pressured to be on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but it’s just not his thing,” the source added. “He’s the total opposite of Tyga, who’d do anything to be in front of the camera promoting himself.”


“Travis and Kylie are all good, he’s been away for work a lot lately but they talk all day long,” an insider said. “They’re still totally together.” another source told HollywoodLife.

As of now, Kylie and Travis are keeping quiet as they expect their first child. TMZ reports Kylie has been “surfing the web for high-end designer clothing and baby accessories”

She has already spent more than $70,000 on baby clothes.

Source: celebuzz

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