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Kylie Goes Barefaced To Sushi Lunch With Boyfriend Tyga

Kylie Jenner
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Kylie Jenner is known for her amazing makeup and her Kylie Cosmetics line. We see her on social media where she usually shares every look with us and we can’t help but admit that she always looks pretty cool and extremely hot at the same time.

But, this time it seems like the 19-year-old forgot about her makeup and bravely stepped out on Saturday to have lunch with her boyfriend Tyga, 27. To keep her look even more casual, she wore black sweatpants and a bomber jacket.


What was actually giving a little glam to her look was her super expensive patent Hermes Birkin handbag. Her hair was tied in a bun to complete her casual and effortless look. On the way ou,t when she left the restaurant, she was hiding her face with her jacket.

Recently she claimed that social media is everything to her and her 86 million followers on Instagram are the reason for the success of Kylie Cosmetics company.

The “Thick” sweatpants you can see in the picture are from her own shop and the slogan is a running theme throughout the collection.


The reality star didn’t feel very comfortable on the way out.


She was walking behind her boyfriend of two years when leaving the sushi restaurant.


Maybe it was just a bad day for her.


Can you see something else missing in her look?


It’s her wig!! This time she left it at home and tied a bun instead. When describing what her lip kits looked like she said:
“Usually, when girls do their lipstick, they use a lip liner and a lipstick, and they never have a match. So I just created a perfect match, because that’s what I’ve always wanted.”

What a true gentleman: Tyga opening the car door as she made her way over to him.


There was really no need for her to hide as she rocked the natural, no-makeup look.



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