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Kylie Jenner Just Gave Us An Explanation Why She Isn’t A Model


She has a fashion, hair and makeup empire, and she’s not even twenty yet. Gorgeous, hot and super-successful, it’s Kylie Jenner, and why she’s not rocking fashion shows like she did Kanye’s we have no idea.

She claims she can’t be a model!

With a joke caption, on a photo of a photoshoot with her sister Kendall, she shows exactly why “There’s a reason I don’t model guys.” Kendall is all doe-eyed, lips-parted, ready for shooting, and Kylie is mid-yawn.


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Is there a person who looks good while yawning? No. Because she kills it on her own photoshoots, and we bet the best models in the world have non-flattering photos on someone’s computer. Anyway, we know that she’d slay the modeling industry if she ever decided to follow in Kendall’s footsteps and give it a go for real.

Source: @kaliforniaklassstumblr

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