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It’s A Girl For Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott?


As we all are caught up in this drama, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott should be happier than ever right now because, allegedly, they are having a girl. A source that’s directly connected to the couple told TMZ.


The 20-year-old Kylie is pregnant and Travis Scott has been telling friends about the sex of the baby, for months. Now, family sources tell us that the rapper wasn’t lying. He has been privately telling friends about the pregnancy for almost 2 months and Kylie is around 5 months pregnant. Isn’t the timing interesting here?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye are also expecting a baby via surrogate and their kid is due to around mid January. This means that their baby will be born almost at the same time as Kylie’s. Kim and Kanye are also going to have a girl according to TMZ who broke the story first.

Maybe a discount at Cedars is in the works.

Kylie Jenner's Pre-Bump Pics

The Snapchat queen Kylie at her finest

Kylie Jenner's Pre-Bump Pics

Kylie, who often gets criticized from the social media about her plastic surgeries, hasn’t confirmed anything yet

Kylie Jenner's Pre-Bump Pics

All that’s left is to wait until Kylie or any family member confirms the news or decides to let us in this major social media pressure.

Kylie Jenner's Pre-Bump Pics

What do you guys think?

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