Kylie Jenner Was Left Out From Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Picture

A lot of fans were disappointed Christmas day when Kim Kardashian posted the family Christmas card photo and it did not include her sister Kylie Jenner. Twenty-year-old Kylie Jenner is nowhere to be found in the giant family photo.

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Kim Kardashian kicked off her Christmas puzzle on December 1 and she has been posting small teasers on Instagram. However, in the final photo, Kylie and also Rob Kardashian were not included.

DAY 21- West Family

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However, you can see Kanye West actually smiling in the photo. Now that’s new, isn’t it?


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Fans were hoping that this Christmas family photo will finally confirm Kylie’s pregnancy rumor that’s been buzzing around for a long time.


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People on Instagram and Twitter have been left puzzled and wondering why the makeup mogul has been left out of the family picture.

People were a little bit overwhelmed:

Although there were some that made fun of how the fanbase had jumped to conclusions in a lot of ways.

And those that were plain emotional, or too caught up in the potential drama of the situation to think straight.

But don’t lose all hope yet, maybe there will be a New Year’s baby reveal? Or, maybe it’ll turn out to be a rumor and there will be no reveal at all.

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