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Peek into Kylie Jenner’s Lifestyle for £6k-A-Night in Miami Mansion


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Keeping Up With The Kardashians was five years away from being aired back when the Madden twins first sang their classic pop-punk anthem. They didn’t have any idea how famous the place would be when Kylie stepped in.

fill yourself with adventure ✨

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Now, we live in a world that it dominated by the Kardashian clan. This complete control of modern culture simply means the Kardashian/Jenner ladies have pulled in a lot of cash and live a life most of us can barely even imagine. Who wouldn’t want to be in their place?


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We are going to give you a sneak peak of what it would be to live like Kylie. In the ‘Superstar waterfront Mansion’ you can live like the stars for  £6,470 ($8,238) per night. Yup, that’s true!

You have to hope that the Airbnb host left some food for you in the fridge because all of your money would be spent for the whole year on this shiny white box.

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