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Kylie Jenner Just Shared Her “Selfie Secrets” And The World Went Crazy


It’s quite a mystery why the world chooses to receive information on how Kylie Jenner does her selfies, instead of wanting to know more about Olga Picasso, but still, evidently the world does exactly that. And you think that Picasso’s exhibition on Olga in Paris these days got more media coverage than the art and process of getting a Kylie-approved selfie?

Think again.

Leaving our art woes aside, we come to the moment of truth: Kylie has a selfie secrets video, and it’s huge.


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Another huge, earth-shattering surprise is the fact that Kylie recently reveald how she doesn’t run her own Instagram account, but a woman named Victoria does. Way to burst the bubble of the teenage stampede after her kind of success, but yeah. And Victoria does an amazing job.

So, the selfie secret?

Kylie waits for sunset, claiming the lighting in this part of the day is the number one tip for you to swear by. She also talks about the perfect angle and how important it is to know it at all times. Well, this I’ll admit, we all have our ‘better side’ for photos, amirite?


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Now we approach the everlasting Photoshop debate. Does she use it in her Instagram posts? She sure doesn’t say anything in the clip. Kudos though, for the part where she says that we shouldn’t go crazy over the filters and that a natural look is always better. But is she following her own advice? You be the judge.

“I feel like people want to see my whole outfit, so I’ll have my friends just take full body pictures of me in my backyard and then you have to edit them! Don’t go too crazy with editing, but it’s important.”

tag a friend with brown eyes

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A lot of people really care for these tips too since she has 78 million followers on Instagram and is Snapchat’s most viewed account. So maybe people take her “keys to success” seriously too.

Well, no one can argue that social media are important today.

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Kylie Jenner once said “I have to take 500 selfies to get it right”.

I’d ask how much free time she has on her hands, if only I could say that I’ve never taken a zillion selfies just to get one right.

But you know how it is, don’t pretend.


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