Kylie Jenner Finally Shows Her Natural Hair On Snapchat Only To Get Slaughtered By The Creatures Of The Internet


As the UNILADs eloquently put it, Kylie Jenner has “hair as ever-changing as the weather during a British summer”. And truly, despite all of her endeavors, her hair remains one the most widely-followed aspects of the self-titled baby boss’ life. The social media presence of the 19-year-old largely revolves around the frequent hairstyle changes she undertakes, with dying, plumping and preening projects interchanging more often than one can follow. Now, because of some strange reason, Kylie suddenly decided to show her natural color on Snapchat.

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Recently, however, Kylie has regaled her Snapchat followers with a glimpse of her natural hair. Suffice to say, this event is treated on par with the Halley’s Comet return to the inner Solar System. In her words, Kylie took her followers on a tour of her new ‘glam room’.


With the nowadays-obligatory Snapchat dog filter, the reality television star successfully proved her hair is not made of neither ivory nor unicorn horn, and can get just as messy as the rest of the world’s.

“My hair is just crazy,” she wrote in the caption, completely altering the meaning of the word ‘crazy’ and starting a domino effect where every Oxford English Dictionary in the world has been recalled by the publishers in order to alter the now-outdated definition.

Of course, it did not take long for the trolling brigade to catch on:

And as it often happens with wisdom that comes later in life, many people found out that what seemed like a completely pointless statement given by Damian from Mean Girls, actually carried a deeper meaning all along:


If you have made it this far reading, we assume you have nothing better to do with your day, so you might as well see what the fuss is about for yourself in the video below.

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