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Kylie Jenner’s All Lace Photo Shoot Is So Hot


The Kardashian/Jenner girls are known for being unbelievably hot. They do tons of photo shoots and all of them turn out looking stunning. Kylie Jenner is center stage right now. With all the success she is having, she never forgets to keep us updated on all her latest looks.

She proved this fact earlier this year when she took a trip out to the desert to take some of the hottest pictures I have ever seen.  The fact that they were taken in the scorching desert probably had something to do with it.

The series of pictures feature her in lace bodysuits, onesies and latex clothing. She told her fans:”We drove all the way into the desert to make sure it was the dopest setting ever. And it was SO worth it.”

We’ve selected the very best photos from the shoot and laid them bare for your viewing pleasure. The hot photos, taken by talented photographer Sasha Samsonova were published exclusively on Kylie’s app.

😈 @sashasamsonova

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stay tuned today on my app for more desert shots x

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