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Why Did Kylie And Kendall Jenner’s New T-Shirt Line Fail?


We know you just started your work week, but we have some news to share with you about Kylie and Kendall Jenner.


On Wednesday, the two sisters added a “limited edition vintage” t-shirt collection to their Kendall and Kylie fashion line. And people got very unhappy about it.

Why? Because someone has been using the image of popular, much more talented people according to popular opinion – without permission.

Vintage Tees drop tomorrow at https://t.co/uH0qthUmCA @KendallandKylie pic.twitter.com/Xlz2ZmdRfz

— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) June 28, 2017

The t-shirts with the musician image costed $125 (£96) and they were covered with a massive picture of Kylie and Kendall. Basically they got loads of album t-shirts from artists like Pink Floyd and Metallica and then some iconic images of Tupac and Biggie too. The sisters faces were printed on top of them and even some old Instagram posts.

According to a disclaimer on their website:

“All shirts are assorted and one of a kind. What you get may vary from your friends and what is pictured on site, as each tee shirt is a vintage original.”



People were very annoyed at the level of disrespect shown to a wide range of musical legends. They have been quick to voice their disapproval.

the “vintage tees” on Kendall and Kylie’s shop are just distressed t-shirts w their old Instagrams on them. remarkable. pic.twitter.com/RE9tSG2Q3f

Either way, you can enjoy the weekend again!


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