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Kylie Jenner’s Secret Wedding On “Life of Kylie”, And What A Wedding It Is

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Kylie Jenner is getting married and momager Kris is not happy about it!

Seems like King Kylie is ready to tie the knot and we can clearly see that on the season finale of Life of Kylie. The 20-year-old drops a major bombshell as she reveals to her mother about a wedding that she’s been planning.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch is scrambling now to get her daughter to sign a prenup. We hope Kylie can protect her millions in time.

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Making It Official

Kylie Jenner

Seems like she is also following her sister’s footsteps by getting married on camera. On the season finale of Life of Kylie, the reality star is clad head-to-toe in white while a man hired to preside over the ceremony reads “the rites to be married.”

But Kris Jenner doesn’t look very thrilled by the idea that her daughter is rushing into marriage so quickly.

Here Comes the Bride

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“Do we need to get this annulled after?” Kris whispers to her daughter. Then she adds, “There’s no prenup. F**k!”

Turns out that the whole thing is a friendship commitment for Kyle and bestfriend Jordyn Woods in their trip to Peru. But however, no one informed the officiant that the pair are in a platonic relationship.

So are they really married now?

Televised Wedding


During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, the media savvy mama made a comment about capitalizing on Kylie’s big day for a future story line. “When we first started, I jokingly said, ‘We’ll be on season 32, Kylie gets married.’ I was kidding, and here we are, and it’s season 14, so be careful what you wish for,” Kris teased.

Draining Relationship


Jordyn met Kylie when they were only in eighth grade and since then she has been a huge part of her life. On a past episode, the Wilhelmina Curve model even went on a blind date at her BFF’s behest.

“She’s actually never set me up on a date before. She kept telling me I should go on a date so we decided it would be really funny for the show,” Jordyn recently told Galore. “So we tried out the blind dating thing, which I’ve never done before. I feel like there is no real blind dating anymore because of Instagram, I feel like they know your whole life.”

During the episode, Jordyn also revealed her close relationship with Kylie and how their closeness sometimes takes a toll on her personal life.

“I actually feel like I’m in a full relationship with her,” she revealed during an onscreen confession. “There is different types of relationships. We’re definitely in one. Not necessarily sexual, but definitely emotionally. It’s draining sometimes!”

She added in another clip, “It’s draining sometimes being Kylie’s best friend.”

I wonder what’s next?


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