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Kylie Might Be The Surrogate Mother To Kanye And Big Sister Kim


If I can compare the recently revealed (and so far unconfirmed) Kylie Jenner pregnancy, it’s an electrostatic field. It starts from one point but it spreads far beyond its starting point, creating sparks in more and more places as it goes.

That’s never been more true in this latest story stemming from the 20-year-old model and entrepreneur falling pregnant. Following the news of Tyga claiming that Kylie’s baby belongs to him, another suspect has fallen in the eyes of the public: Kylie’s big sister Kim’s husband, Kanye West!


Don’t jump the gun just yet, it’s not in the way you think. Kanye didn’t cheat on his wife, but rather it’s believed that Kylie is acting as a surrogate for Kanye and Kim’s third child that they’re expecting alongside North and Saint.

When news broke that the couple are expecting a third child through surrogate, due in February 2018, everyone completely lost their mind!

The surrogate was described as being a ’20-something’, ‘fit’ black mother of two living in San Diego, California, and was reportedly paid $45,000 to host the couple’s child.

Twitter, as you’d imagine, is going full on Sherlock Holmes and investigating this best they can.

Some believe that Kylie is pregnant with her own child and Kanye and Kim found a different surrogate, but others will believe that Kylie is the surrogate and Kim and Kanye are expecting a child next year.

Do you agree with these two statements? Or do you have a different theory altogether? Let us know in the comments!

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