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Are Kylie And Travis Scott Tying The Knot After Three Months?


When you’re very famous and have plenty of time on your hands you feel like you can do everything no matter the consequences. Now, sources say that Kylie Jenner has the “I can do anything” mindset at the age of 19. But, we’re not completely convinced that she took the marital plunge just yet.


Her fans are going absolutely crazy thinking that she is already married.

Could Kylie and Travis tie the knot just after three months?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott do dinner at Miami Finga Licking

Only a few weeks after Kylie told Tyga to clear out of her Hollywood Hills home, she started dating another rapper named Travis Scott. The reality TV star asked the 25-year-old to shack up with her while she was renting a different mansion. In that way they could play house!

The couple have been first seen at Coachella in April.


Even though they haven’t been on each-other’s social media pages, the paparazzi made sure we have plenty pictures of the new romance. While they were in Miami on June 5, Kylie and Travis were all over each other. The pair has also been on romantic dinners where they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

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But some spicy news has been released and it seems unreal to us. One source claims to have the scoop on the latest news that Kylie doesn’t want anyone to know about.

It doesn’t seem likely that she got married to anyone, but still?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott visit a music video shoot in Miami

“Just two months after her breakup with Tyga, Life & Style has learned that Kylie Jenner secretly married new boyfriend Travis Scott. ‘Kylie and Travis tied the knot at her Calabasas mansion,’ a source reveals. ‘It wasn’t a big, glamorous affair like other Kardashian weddings, and only a few close friends were invited. But she is crazy about Travis.’”

The source also added that “Kylie is the one allowing Travis to live so lavishly, paying for his nationwide flights, buying their accommodations, and floating the bills for their dates.”

Um, okay?

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Just imagine if this news is true, how much money Travis would make if he decides to divorce her. We already know a lot of celebrities who have been married and had short marriages.

Kim Kardashian got married to Kris Humphries for only 72 days and the wedding costed millions of dollars. Ouch!

Britney Spears eloped with boyfriend Jason Alexander in 2004 but the marriage lasted only 55 hours.

What do you guys think? Would Kylie get married so quickly?

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