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Kylie’s Baby Gender Has Been “Confirmed”


We are still waiting for the Jenner/Kardashian family to confirm Kylie’s pregnancy but in fact more fuel has now been added to the fire that is sure to set the rumor mill up a notch.


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There is no chance that you haven’t heard about the gossip about the star’s pregnancy this week unless you are living under a rock. According to some close sources to TMZ, the 20-year-old is five months into her pregnancy and is welcoming the child early next year. Despite Kylie’s silence, a source close to her mom Kris Jenner, revealed how the mother is feeling.

“Of course, Kris will support Kylie being a mom. But she is still adjusting to the surprise news.”

“Kris is just trying to control what she can and make sure no one forgets Kylie is also a businesswoman. She wants to set Kylie Cosmetics up to sell,” said the friend.

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According to WWD, her company is expected to generate $386 million in sales in 2017 and seems like Kris is worried about the impact of her pregnancy on the company.

“Kylie has worked so hard to build that empire. Kris doesn’t want to see the pregnancy affect how that is perceived.”

A representative for Caitlyn Jenner (her father) told The Sun when asked about how she found out about the pregnancy: “All I can tell you is that was some time ago”.

Now, according to TMZ again, it has also been “confirmed” that she is going to have a baby girl. So, yes people, we’ve got another Kardashian/Jenner female to welcome into the world.

Meanwhile, Kylie is not saying anything about the pregnancy, instead she took to Instagram to share a throwback pic of herself showing off her flat stomach.

throwback 😍 Mary Jo is the perfect red @kyliecosmetics ♥️

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Ever since the rumor spread over the internet, people have been looking over her pictures with a microscope trying to see signs. Lately the star is often seen wearing baggy t-shirts.

Another source who spoke to People magazine said that Kylie is overjoyed about the pregnancy:

“It is an unexpected but completely amazing turn of events that she could not be more excited or thrilled about.” She had previously hinted that she would like children sooner rather than later, saying in one episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians: “I feel like 30 is too late! Every psychic said that I’m only going to have two kids.”

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Since the child is a girl, do you guys think that she will continue the family tradition to name the child with a “K”?

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