She Has Both Light And Privacy With This Elegant DIY Lace Solution For Her Window


A girl called Annabel loves DIY, creative and crafty solutions for her home. Her bedroom had shutters, but she thought it would be nice to spice it up a bit. She needed privacy, but she also wanted to take advantage of the beautiful light that entered her bedroom every morning. And the ‘frosted window’ solution was okay, but definitely not exciting.

So she found a lovely scallop-edge lace. The next thing she got was starch jelly to create the perfect adhesive. That’s cornstarch cold water and boiling water. Voila, the next thing you know, Annabel has a very elegant solution to have both privacy and light.

“This was the quickest, easiest, cheapest project ever but I’m 100 percent in love with the results,” she says. “You know those little upgrades that just make your life both better and prettier? This is one of those for our bedroom.”

See for yourself:

This jelly is made of two tablespoons of cornstarch with an equal amount of cold water, then a cup and a half of boiling water.

She cut a rectangle in the lace, making sure there are no creases.

She then added another thick layer of jelly on top.

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