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These See-Through Lace Shorts Are The Next Fashion Trend For Men

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In 2017 there are no rules anymore, not even in men’s fashion. In comes the male romper AKA RompHim, which just dropped the lace shorts for men and they come in pink, blue, yellow, purple and green. The pastel shirt and shorts combo leave not much to the imagination as they are all see through. Just yet, some of the colors and sizes are sold out. The fashion trend is came right in time for the summer!

The hottest trend is see-through laced shorts.


This is a picture taken on the set of a music video which turned into a meme on Twitter. It was posted on Instagram by Hollywoodunlocked and screenshoted and reposted by hologramcityla making it’s way on the website someecards.


Another picture of the shorts.

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Twitter reacshunz lolol #socialmedia :


I can’t even!


Imagine rolling around town in these badass shorts, your thigh hairs poking through the lace and the wind showing everyone what you’re working with.

We must say, it’s quite an idea. And while it may look like someone’s trolling the fashion world (and fashion enthusiasts), these new shorts and rompers look like they might be here to stay with us. What do you think? For what it’s worth, if guys don’t want them (and yet, they’ve sold out), maybe they’re the comfy, airy, yet trendy piece the ladies have been waiting for this summer.


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