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‘Humans Uncensored’: A Fascinating Photography Project Fighting Body-Shaming


‘Ballsy and emotional’ Australian photographer Lacey Barratt has been described as “striving to have women empowered through her imagery by sharing the reality of what we call life and parenthood”. Barratt has been attracting attention Her for her anti-body shaming photo series Humans Uncensored – a project promoting body-positivity and the embracing of women’s natural appearance. According to her website, Lacey hopes to eliminate the feeling of being ‘alone’ in mothers and fathers by sharing the normality that no one talks about.

To emphasize its long-term, Barratt has shared an important message about the dangers of body shaming in front of children.


Source: Instagram | @laceybarrattphotography

Lacey says the Humans Uncensored project is about the double standard in body shaming and how society affects how we perceive our own bodies. According to the photographer, criticizing someone’s physical appearance can leave children with lasting impressions which can influence them later in life.


Source:Amanda Pair

Lacey posted this powerful image as a statement about shaming yourself in front of your own children. Her caption reads:

“I find myself getting ready to leave for places. Looking in the mirror, putting on makeup, checking myself out. Silently judging. Whilst I am self-absorbed in myself…I fail to realize my preteen is staring at me from the open bathroom door. She is watching me, my body language, my facial expressions and judging me judge myself.”


Source: Instagram | @laceybarrattphotography

“It is hard to remember that my children are sponges..and what I put out to them, they take it all in…” the photographer writes.


To find out more about Lacey, who describes herself as “a beautifully chaotic soul dedicated to informing the masses, normalizing the not-so-normal and telling women they have a voice,” check out her official website as well as her Youtube channel where you will find more about Humans Uncensored.

Source: Instagram | @laceybarrattphotography

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