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Lady Gaga Sings Led Zeppelin And It Is The Best Thing You’ll Hear Today


October, 2016, Lady Gaga is a guest on The Howard Stern Show and promotes her new album, ‘Joanne’. She treated her audience to her lovely, down-to-earth personality, but the most astonishing part of the interview was when she went “off-script”.

Little did we know, that when Gaga was a little girl, she was in a Led Zeppelin cover band. And before we knew what was happening, she blessed the audience with her performance of her favorite song by Zeppelin.

We know how she slayed the national anthem and outdid herself last year, but when you hear ‘Black Dog’ performed by Lady Gaga, it will seem as if you’re listening to a different singer, a raspy-voiced one, with no effects and no autotune.

And it’s. So. Beautiful.


People were so impressed, the video went viral. Floored as well, Stern asks, “And that’ll tear your voice up, right?”

“If you don’t know how to sing, yeah.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect answer by Gaga.

Watch this:

Source:littlethings, The Howard Stern Show

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