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13 Landscape Shots Showing What Photography Is All About


Landscape photographer Destin Sparks famously said that a photography is a story that one fails to put into words.

A matter of timing and technical prowess, it is the dedication that has to go in capturing a shot that is often overlooked in the equation of what goes into a great photography. Less so when photographing in urban areas, capturing nature and landscape on film often involves great dedication and lengthy preparations. It is only when one reads the stories behind those epic Natural Geographic photos that true perspective is attained.

In recognition of the thousands crisscrossing the globe in pursuit of that once-in-a-lifetime shot, here are 13 amazing examples of landscape photography.

1. A crow rides shotgun


Source: reddit | yorkton

2. Racing on the cliffs


Source: reddit | Lobo2ffs

3. Lake Baikal in Russia, the world’s largest freshwater lake, frozen solid


Source: Livejournal | satorifoto

4. An Inception-style Istanbul view


Source:Aydin Buyuktas

5. A Boeing CH-47 Chinook during an operation in Afghanistan


Source: Talking Proud Greg Heath | Vietnam Veterans of America

6. During Storm Jonas


Source: reddit | KirbyJW

7. The office of Spanish architects Selgas Cano near Madrid


Source: Arch Daily

8. A rare white giraffe at the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania


Source: Derek Lee | Wild Nature Institute

9. This bridge over the Laguna Garzon in southern Uruguay


Source: Twitter | @Dezeen

10. The Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia


Source: reddit | Lurkmcgirk

11. World colliding in an ice cave underneath a volcano in Russia


Source: Mikhail Zelensky | FotoKamchatka

12. Snow that melted than flash-froze on a Russian hillside


Source:imgur | d3qual

13. New York’s famous Flatiron Building during a flurry


Source: reddit | tesdfsa3

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