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10 Challenges That Girls With Large Breasts Face Daily


If you fall into the ‘large’ department when it comes to the breasts, by now you will be well aware of the challenges that large-bosomed women have to face frequently. Bear in mind, however, that every flat-chested girl on the planet would give an arm and a nipple to trade places with you. So don’t dispair, let those breasts stand out proudly and allow yourself a laugh or two at these ten most common issues women with big boobs know only too well.


1. Your breasts floating up to the surface of the water


2. Wearing a low-cut top will always look provocative


3. Getting older means your breasts will start to visibly sag before other women’s do


4. Sometimes your tits make the buttons pop off your shirt and go flying


5. You are so embarrassed by the size of your chest that you often end up buying bras smaller than your actual measurements


6. Once you get past E cups, it is impossibly difficult to find bras with cute designs


7. Although “large-breasted” does sound like a desirable trait, most of the time you actually simply feel heavyset


8. If you wear a demi-cup/half-cup bra, your nipples never fit in the cups entirely and they always end up popping out


9. People usually assume you have huge areolas


10. The selection of lingerie you can choose from is extremely small and frequently results in byers remorse



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