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Model Was Called Godzilla In School But She Learned To Love Her Large Frame


Aly Stosz, 27, was head and shoulders above everyone else in kindergarten, and we mean that literally. By the time she turned twelve, the large Brooklynian was already 6’3″ tall.

School was a lonely place for Aly who was frequently mocked and teased because of her size, including being called names like “monster”, “Godzilla” and an “Amazon”.

“All the negative comments . . . piled up over the years and really gave me an intense anxiety. I felt hurt. I felt belittled, but ultimately, it made me a stronger person,” Stosz says.

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By the time she was in her early 20s, Stosz learned how to accept her appearance. Moreover, she started to use it to her advantage. She found work as an “Amazon” fetish model, and although it didn’t prove to be something she wanted to do long term, it gave her the necessary confidence and self-respect.

“I did theme shoots where I would do things like pick up guys that were small or I would stand next to them and show how short they were,” she says.

Although she doesn’t model anymore, Aly who is now 6-foot-9 is more than content. She spends time with her boyfriend, personal trainer Sean Webb, who at 6 foot 4, still five inches shorter than Stosz.

“We get a lot of attention when we walk around,” Webb said. “I love to be with her because of the person she is.”

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When asked about her message to women who find themselves bereft of self-confidence because they look different from most people, Aly told Barcroft Media, “I would say to other women that don’t feel confident in their appearance to try not to care what other people think.” Simples!

Check out the video below for Aly Stosz incredible story.


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