Latin Grammy Nominated Mexican Singer ‘Lost’ The Floor And Falls During Concert


A viral video showing the hilarious moment when the famous Mexican singer and songwriter Espinoza Paz, 34, falls off the stage became a real hit. It’s been shared like lighting on Twitter and other social platforms. Soon after the embarrassing incident the Latin Grammy nominee had to address his followers on Twitter.

“Thanks to everybody who are worried about me and asked about my health state. Fortunately, it was only a bruise and a shock” wrote Espinoza.


While singing in ecstasy at the concert, Espinoza started walking along the stage with his head up. Apparently, he didn’t see that he was very close to the edge, and he fell to the ground.
The incident happened while “The  songwriter of the people” as his fans call him, performed at the concert “La Fiesta de la Radio” in the Mexican capital Mexico City, at the Azteca stadium. Espinoza was paying tribute to the Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, who died recently in the middle of a show due to a heart attack.


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