Wife's 71$ Laundry Room Redo Featured On Rachael Ray

Tasha’s 71$ Laundry Room Redo Featured On Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is an American public persona who came to prominence as a celebrity chef and host of the Rachael Ray show, a lifestyle platform.

Her first TV debut was her 30 Minute Meals show back in 2001. The show specialized in convenience cooking.

Since she is the queen of sparing time and getting the best of your buck, in this particular episode of her show she featured a lady who swore to her husband to redo her laundry with no more than 71$!

Tasha is the superwoman who took it upon herself to refurbish the laundry room in hers and her husband’s new house. Her husband didn’t feel that this was necessary.

The Greensboro, NC denizen started from the laminate countertop on the sink. She swapped the laminate with a thin layer of concrete! Now trust me, this looks utterly contemporary!

“It costs probably less than 10$,” said Tasha.

ray 1

The original flooring was one of dreaded boredom in a kaki color. What the lady did was pretty simple.

She painted it.

“I used charcoal gray color, a creamy white color, taped on some stripes,  I primed the floor first and then used porch and floor paint, which is super super durable…”

ray 2

When it came to the artwork, she found some cute prints for free and framed them. The frames cost no more than a dollar.

ray 3

Rachael Ray wanted to know how many days did the redo take.

“Well, I can tell you exactly,” said  Tasha joyously.

“It took a weekend. Because my husband is a firefighter, he worked a double shift, he totally didn’t want me to do it, so I was like: “Bye babe, I love you!” and I did it in two days!”

Now, that is one smart lady!

ray 4“Why didn’t he want you to do it?” asked Rachael.

“Because, it’s like a laundry room… Like who cares, you know?”

“But it was the first project I tackled in our new house..”

She ended up saying that she is a lawyer, and never really made anything like that before, so if she can do it, you can definitely do it as well!


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