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Laura Lee’s Comedy Skit About Relationships

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After watching this comedy sketch, you will have to regard Laura Lee as a synonym of Youtube versatility.

In addition to her regular videos about cosmetics, makeup, fashion and miscellaneous advice, the famous blogger also finds time to create comic skits with other bloggers. She also does the Brenda VS Shirley Show where she plays a completely different character. And don’t forget that her videos are being uploaded on an almost-daily basis.

One has to keep those millions of followers happy, right?

In this sketch, Laura has teamed-up with another Southerner living in Los Angeles: Gabriel Zamora.


Source: Instagram

Gabriel’s blogging topics include makeup tutorials, cosmetics reviews and even a “How to move to L.A.” guide.

In this brand-new skit Laura and Gabriel poke fun at the most (un)common relationship scenarios one could think of. The video also features Laura’s husband, Tyler – a regular contributor to her vlogs.

Source:Laura Lee

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