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Laura Lee Tests Some Weird Beauty Products

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Laura Lee certainly knows a thing or two about good makeup products, doesn’t she?

No matter what happens, she always has followed one simple rule: always use quality products.

I think we all know the outcome of using products that don’t have а quality background, in the sense that they aren’t known to produce good results.

But sometimes, you just got to bite the bullet and give some unknown product a try. Who knows, maybe it’ll be worth it?

Well, that’s exactly what Laura decided to do.


She has decided to take several unknown/unheard of beauty products and put them to the test to see what happens.

After seeing the video, I can definitely tell you that there are some interesting results…

You probably already know that just from looking at the thumbnail.

Well anyway, check out the video below and let us know what you think of these products in the comments!

Source:Laura Lee

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