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Luscious Curls And No Heat


Curls are so elegant, they make every outfit look more sophisticated. Of course, all you need to have is a curling iron but the problem is that the heat is already causing too much damage to your hair.

Worry not! There are so many ways to achieve luscious curls without heat. Of course there’s a video for that. Of course there are about a million videos for that, by the way.

In this one, YouTuber Tina teaches us two how to make heatless curls with two cool hacks. One of them is with a high ponytail and bobby pins, the other is using a donut the size of the Grand Canyon. Both are very easy and only take five minutes.

Let’s do the first one:

1. Mist water on your dry hair.

no heat curls

2. Apply volume foam spray on your hair after you let it dry.

no heat curls 2

3. Tie your hair in a high pony tail and then divide it in two sections. Start wrapping them around the tie.


4. Leave it like this for at least 8 hours.


5. And your no heat curls are done!


We hope you find this tutorial helpful enough. If you want more details to the look, then click the video down below. Enjoy!

Source:MakeupWearables Hairstyles

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