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You Didn’t Know These Facts About Lea Michele

Lea Michele
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You probably know by now the famous Glee star with the serious vocal talent, Lea Michele. The 30-year-old star has also owned the Broadway stage a lot of times throughout her career with her singing. But, besides her incredible voice it seems like we don’t know much about this girl and we just had to find out more. Below you can see 15 facts about Rachel Berry.. uhmm sorry, we mean Lea Michele.

1. When she was only 8 years old, she got her start on Broadway. She was the replacement for Young Cosette in Les Miserables.


Source:Les Miserables Wiki

2. She actually went to support her friend but ended up getting the role for herself.


Source: YouTube | brisingrwings

3. When Lea was a teen she worked at her dad’s Jewish deli and was a cleaner at Bat Mitzvah dress shop.


Source: Tumblr | leamichelefan

4. She adores Alanis Morissette’s songs and lyrics. Jagged Little Pill was the first Cd she bought.



5. She likes to shop at Barneys, Betsey Johnson and Intermix.


Source:Evil Beet Gossip

6. On the way to her Glee audition, she got into a car accident right outside the building. She ditched the car and ran to make it on time but in the end, the car accident didn’t ruin her audition. She got the role of Rachel Berry.


Source:Daily Mail

7. She has a lot of tattoos and one for her late boyfriend, Cory Monteith.


Source:Tag the Bird

8. She rented an apartment while filming the first season of Glee and Dianna Agron joined her.



9.  Dianna had to move out soon after because she was allergic to a stray cat that Lea brought home.


Source:The Dodo

10. When Lea was in preschool, a boy threw a tap shoe at her head and she still has the scar on her forehead.


Source:Posh 24

11. On the released app called Nike Training Club, you can follow her workouts.


Source:Perez Hilton

12. When she performed in Broadway’s Spring Awakening she would strip down on stage every night, except for the shows her father attended.


Source:Ok! Magazine

13. After she found out that Cory had died, she lived for weeks at Kate Hudson’s home so the paparazzi wouldn’t bother her.



14. Cory was the one that opened Lea’s Twitter account and gave her the name, @msleamichele. Her password was for a long time, Rachel Berry.


Source:Daily News

15. She is also a great cook and her favorite recipe to make is shaved radicchio, parm and truffle whole-wheat pizza with a sunny-side-up egg. Yumm!


Source:Daily Mail
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