Take A Leap Of Faith With This Beauty Advise On Bangs

Take A Leap Of Faith With This Beauty Advice On Bangs


NewBeauty is a leading lifestyle and beauty platform working in several media outlets formed in 2005. Their YouTube channel counts more than 41 million subscribers.

This time around, we are going through their well-researched suggestions on how to obtain bangs that will perfectly match your face shape.

Women usually choose bangs since that particular hairstyle makes them look younger and more childlike and playful. It gives a carefree and almost rebellious character. Not everyone would dare to cut their hair to bangs, since they ask for daily maintenance.

Bangs would totally make you or break you in just a hot minute!

So please be careful when going for them. But do not ever let fear paralyze you and stop you from experimenting.

Here are a couple of ways to understand your face shape and get just the right bangs to go with it!

1. Round Face Shape

The model has a round face shape paired with a couple of square features here and there. Her eyes are beautiful, so we are going for a bang that will accentuate her eyes! This is one of the fortes of having bangs!  The eyes will shine invitingly underneath the straight-cut bangs! Cut them to be a bit heavier as well! bangs 1

2. Oval Face Shape

Oval face shape is so flexible that you can create almost any type of fringe. We are going to go for a more versatile bang. We are opening the hair sideways, following the right side of the face. Then, we are going to open from the other side as well! This way she can wear her bang any way she might like. Creating the c-shape to go both ways will give her versatility and softness on her forehead. Leaving some length in the sides fills in the corner that might be missing out of the oval face shape. It will also make her existing layers blend well with the bang.


3. Square Face Shape

You want to start softening the corners of her face. Take the fringe a little bit longer and slide the sheer into her existing length. What this does is cutting the corner to allow for it to be a little bit softer. It will also accentuate the cheekbone. Blend in into the existing length.


4. Heart Face Shape

The heart shape face has a little more width towards the top of her head coming down being a little bit more narrow towards her chin. You want to eliminate some of the width towards the top. This way we are going to accentuate her cheekbones and soften her chin line. Start from one side and work your way towards the middle. Adapt the bang towards the face shape.


I cannot believe the transformation these women went through just by getting a simple bang!

Source:NewBeauty Magazine , tiphero

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