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Learn How To Apply Foundation The Right Way

Apply Foundation The Right Way

So basically we use foundation because it is supposed to make our skin look better, but often it seems like it leaves it looking worse. The whole purpose is hiding and smoothing our flaws, but the makeup seems to highlight every raised pimple.

What’s NOT flawless though, is thick, cakey foundation. Instead of making your skin look better, it will actually make your skin look much worse. So, Stephanie Lange is here to help – on the right side of her face she is going to show you what things can actually cause your foundation to look cakey, and then on my left hand she will show you how to avoid them.

She’s showing us today the correct way to apply foundation to rebellious skin so that it looks flawless, not worse for wear. Watch and learn. Enjoy!

Source:Stephanie Lange , tiphero

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