Learn how to contour your nose as an actress in 5 steps


It has something with the  women’s psychology. Almost no woman is happy with her nose. When we are standing in font of the mirror there are many things we dot like about our noses.  Having a nose plastic operation is one of the solutions to fix the problem of a flat or big nose. But every surgical intervention can be risky and nose job it’s expensive as well. There is much less expensive alternative we are about to show you. It’s not even risky as going under a surgical knife.

You can contour your nose and it will look perfect. Here is how you can do it like a professional.




This is what you will need:


1. Contour Powder/ cream.

2. High Lighter.

3. Angled Brush.

4. Fluffy Blending Brush

5. Sponge.


Follow this steps:

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