Want To Learn History? Look At Celebrities, Tabloid Art History Tweets

Want To Learn History? Look At Celebrities, Tabloid Art History Tweets


Have you ever seen the symbol of infinity and wondered what it meant? Nope, it does not mean celebrities!

Like, this symbol ∞ ? Sure, it looks like someone kicked a number 8, or that 8 simply fell asleep, or that it got too drunk during the weekend and it’s dragging itself on the street… But anyways, I’m getting carried away. The symbol of infinity is a closed loop. Why? Because “time is a circle”, as McConaughey referenced Nietzsche so aptly in True Detective. 

Namely, the idea is that history repeats itself, that trends are recursive, that humans, after all, aren’t so original – and they have been doing the same things for thousands of years. Just think about it and look at fashion – it’s like the ’60s are making a return, right? Uncanny. But so, so natural.

And in case you needed an expert opinion on this, we have it. Or rather, the trio of artists (or maybe even art historians?) behind the famous Twitter page called “Tabloid Art History” has it. Their names are Mayanne Soret, Elise Bell and Chloe Esslemont, and their tagline is “because for every pic of Lindsay Lohan falling, there’s a Bernini sculpture begging to be referenced.” Long story short, they’re making some really intelligent – and also very fun analogies between contemporary pop culture and classic, or even ancient works of art.

Need more convincing? How about when Harry Styles recently starred in Nolan’s World War 2 homage Dunkirk, and actually ended up looking like Egon Schiele, the young Austrian pupil of Gustav Klimt? There’s 105 years between 2017 and 1912.

Identical, right? Well, frankly no, but the similarities are there. The Tweeting art trio has however found a lot of other fun references, with Lindsay Lohan (for some reason) ending up as their star. Apparently, Lindsay can be found in absolutely all art everywhere.

However, the pantheon of pop culture goddesses isn’t limited to Lohan. Along with her, the Godhead is also comprised of the Kardashians, Beyoncé, and many others.

While some of the comparisons are really a stretch, others hit the mark and to a satisfying extent. Thanks to WMagazine, we can now take a tour through some of “Tabloid Art History” greatest Twitter hits:

Source: wmagazine

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