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Learn How To Do Your Makeup Just Like Barbie!


With her saccharine-sweet smile and impossibly long legs, Barbie is the most famous doll in history. Barbie is popular because of the number of different looks and styles that have been produced for her over the years. Barbie dresses up for all occasions including birthday parties, balls, weddings and also everyday things such as going to the beach. Children love to play with Barbie and change her clothes. This has always been good for them as it helps them to use their imagination.

They see themselves as this beautiful little doll and try to be like her. At times the little girls are just so inspired by her that they style themselves and their rooms on her. But, not just children, grown ups want to look like Barbie as well. People are fascinated with Barbie, especially by her makeup.

In this tutorial, Kandee Johnson shows us how to do our makeup just like Barbie!

Source:Kandee Johnson

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