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Learn How To Match Your Eyebrows With Your Hair


Eyebrows are the most important part of the face. They transform your whole look so you might as well take care of them. Even though bushy brows are very popular, if your brows are too dark for you new hair color, you have to lighten them. You can achieve this with bleach. Watch how:

* You should first buy a bleaching hair product from the store.
* Mix the creams from the bottles into a small container by following the instructions. Clean your brows with water, soap and makeup remover. After you do that, rinse with water again.
* Apply the bleaching mixture with an old, clean mascara wand all over the brow and brush nicely, and try to cover every little hair possible.
* Let the mixture work for the time as instructed on the package.
* And finally remove and rinse.


The bushy eyebrow trend puts a lot of girls in an uncomfortable zone because their natural shape is thin, hairless or light. That’s why we should learn how to make the so-fashionable type of brows in two minutes:

* Line the shape you would like to have with a pencil.
* Fill in the brows with an appropriate color and use a flat brush.
* To make it pop out even more, highlight the brow bone.
* Comb the brow with a clean mascara wand to remove any excess color.

There you go, the perfect natural bushy eyebrows. Share this with your friends and family.


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