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Eleven Eyeshadow Tips That Everyone Can Learn From


Nowadays, it’s so easy to make a tutorial for anything, but the makeup tutorials have become so popular, one can become a pro just by re-watching. Okay, no, but still, we can learn so much! You can create anything from a simple look with a few steps, to a glamorous transformation where you can look completely different. There are many tricks and hacks for every type of makeup product, however here are some essential tips, specifically for eyeshadow that anyone can learn.

1. The Parts Of The Pallete

Every pallete has a specific purpose in eyeshadow use. As the palletes get bigger and with more colors, you have more options for different areas of your eyes. Learn what parts of the pallete do and where and how to apply them on your eye.


Source: Olive and Ivy Blog | Chelsea

2. Use An Ample Amount Of Primer

A good primer is crucial for keeping the eyeshadow longer on your eyes. Apply a good amount on your entire eyelid, but it has to be completely dry before applying any eyeshadow!


Source: Mommy on the Loose | Amanda

3. Eye Shields Save Your Face

These eye shields can be found at your local drugstore or online and they’re very cheap. Use them under your eyes to prevent the eyeshadow from falling and messing up your foundation or contour that you worked so hard on.


Source: Instagram | @rumahcantik_khameswari

4.Setting Spray For The Whole Day

Want to make your eyeshadow last the whole day? Spritz on some setting spray and hold your look for hours.


Source: Instagram | @panningwithsara

5. Blend it!

To get smooth transitions between colors, use a fluffy brush to blend.


Source: Makeup By Chelsea | Chelsea

6. All Sorts Of Brushes

The more different brushes you have, the more you find out the various things they can do with the eyeshadow. And then: do whatever you want.

Source: Instagram | @maria_rivera29

7. Defined To Blend

How to achieve that perfect smokey eye? Make a defined shape, then swipe your blending brush until you have the level of smokey you desire.


Source: imurgr | 67Ru2

8. Eye Shape Is Important

You have to know your eye shape so you can get to the perfect way of applying eyeshadow.


Source: Instagram | @makeupbyfarraahh

9. Accessorize Your Shadow

Never enough shades, right? Try these other make up products to enhance the colors on your eyes.


Source: Instagram | @mein_rossmann

10. Expose Your Eye Color

Certain colors enhance other ones. For the best result, pair up the perfect shadow with your eye color.


Source: Teen.com | Alexandra Daluisio

11. What Kind Of Shadow?

There are many different kinds of eyeshadow, from dry to wet, loose and stick, and each of them gives a slightly different look than the one before it. Find out which one suits you best for the look you want to create.


Source: Instagram | @talasiade
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